Collaborating for the greater good of California


*Accolades for Linda Adams

“Without your leadership, our state would not be where it is today. From negotiating AB 32, to forming the Climate Action Team, launching the Green Chemistry Initiative, implementing the Education and the Environment Initiative across California schools, defeating Proposition 23, and of course for organizing three amazing Global Climate Summits—you were instrumental in ensuring a cleaner, greener California for generations to come.

You have been a mover and shaker in California’s environmental policy and the impacts of your work have been and will continue to be felt around the world. You put California on the worldwide stage to serve as an example of how to drive a clean, green economy. And for that, I thank you on behalf of all Californians.”

—Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (Ret.)

“Your distinguished service in the Assembly, Senate, Governor’s Office, and California’s State Agencies truly reflects your diverse talents and interests. You are a true trailblazer, constantly pushing the State toward progressive and sustainable policies that better serve the people of California. During our time together we accomplished many great things, thanks in large measure to your keen judgments and insights.

I fondly recall our negotiating the first-in-the-nation law to combat global warming, the Clean Car Standards, and the first-in-the-nation law on environmental justice. You were also very instrumental in the CALFED Record of Decision for the Bay-Delta restoration as well as Propositions 12 and 13. Your leadership in all of these negotiations has forever positively changed the landscape of environmental protection, placing California in the history books.”

—Governor Gray Davis (Ret.)

*Accolades for Jim Boyd

“We commend James Boyd for his significant contribution to clean air and a healthy environment on behalf of the breathing public, applauds his exemplary service and trusts his unstinting efforts for clean air…under James D. Boyd’s tutelage the Air Resources Board has catapulted to world fame…”

—California Senate Resolution

“Jim Boyd’s quiet manner, strength of character and clearness of vision gained him the respect of the California State Legislature…James Boyd is genuinely respected, admired and appreciated by all who have the opportunity to know and work with him and to reap the benefit of his exceptional spirit and devotion to making a difference…”

—California Assembly Resolution

*Accolades for Patrick Leathers

“Once again Pat Leathers has shown his leadership skills by forming one of the most unique firms in Sacramento. I have known Pat since he worked on my behalf when he was in law school and farming so I know first-hand his exceptional work ethic. His father and family all pitched in for years to help send me back to Congress on their behalf. Pat shares my commitment to solutions and opportunities in government. I highly recommend him.”

—Vic Fazio, Former California State Legislator and Congressman

“I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Patrick Leathers for over 25 years inside and outside the Capitol. He is a good person, consummate professional and I’m proud to say a friend”

—Jack O’Connell, Former California State Senator and Superintendent of Public Education

*Accolades for Elaine Berghausen

“Elaine Berghausen provided sound direction and leadership in the development and implementation of very important bond measures. Her knowledge and commitment to these programs, while staffing up to meet the workload in these difficult times, has been critical to getting funding to the authorized and anxious recipients.”

—Mary D. Nichols, Secretary for Resources

“Elaine built a program where there was none. She saved the day.”

—Don Wallace, Assistant Secretary California Resources Agency

“Elaine innovated many changes to Prison Industry Authority (PIA) policies involving legislation, fiscal operations, budgeting, and auditing. She is very astute and an innovative, out-of-the-box thinker.”

—David King, General Manager, Prison Industry Authority

“Elaine’s invaluable assistance with this office in developing a variety of strategies to address the statewide budget crises was very much appreciated. The Department is very proud to have managers with her level of expertise and dedication as members of the management team.”
—Henry Voss, Director, California Department of Food and Agriculture