Collaborating for the greater good of California

Technology Consulting

Need funding for technology?  Don’t go it alone. In addition to private funding, there are millions of dollars potentially available in funding from the State of California, and we know how to help you gain access to those funds by helping align your technology with public policy.

Regardless of your area of innovation or technology expertise, we can help you get most directly to your destination. We know where your technology fits, and how you can leverage that knowledge to gain traction and accelerate your transition to market.

Simply put, we provide a bridge between developers of technology and the California State government. We help you navigate process barriers, align with public policy and help you:

  • Access ongoing State funding that has been specifically set aside for technology.
  • Accelerate your progress by facilitating understanding between you and State government and making sure you receive a fair chance to be heard.
  • Advocate for your success with the State legislature and regulatory agencies. We know the process and the shortcuts, the hot buttons and the hurdles—and we’re here to help.