Collaborating for the greater good of California

Specialized Expertise

*State Financial Management & Funding issues

Accessing California State funding naturally requires understanding the complex nuances of the State financial management system and speaking their unique language.

As a former Chief Financial Officer for various executive branches of California state government, Clean Tech Advocates’ Senior Advisor Elaine Berghausen brings extraordinary insight and experience to bear on behalf of our clients.

We can help you understand when and where to get started, what programs you might be eligible for, how the system works and what to expect along the way, including:

  • Understanding funding criteria and how to align your project design accordingly.
  • Where to go for hard-to-find information.
  • How to translate related language and terminology.
  • Aligning with a realistic sense of what you can and can’t accomplish.
  • Identifying the right time for your opportunities.


Clean Tech Advocates offers deep expertise and wide-ranging experience in State water-related issues. We consult with water agencies, water districts, wastewater treatment facilities and sanitation agencies to help with:

  • Accessing funds via State bonds, grants and loan opportunities to support infrastructure upgrades.
  • Consulting regarding upgrades to infrastructure for the conveyance, cleanup and remediation of groundwater along with related compliance issues.
  • Legislative advocacy regarding water-related issues.
  • Navigating the complexities of working with the State Water Resources Control Board, Department of Water Resources, the Department of Public Health, and more.
  • Compliance with state legal and regulatory issues regarding wastewater, groundwater, water recycling, water conservation, conveyance infrastructure, alternative storage and energy efficiency in moving water.


We are uniquely positioned to help agriculture interests address the potential ramifications of climate change. Clean Tech Advocates founder Patrick Leathers grew up on a farm and put himself through law school as a farmer. His experiential perspective and legislative advocacy expertise, combined with the State government agriculture and water-related experience of others on our team equips us to help you:

  • Access funding for sustainable farming and ranching practices and/or technology that reduces GHG emissions and sequesters carbon.
  • Invest wisely and plan strategically regarding the long-term innovation of and agricultural production of bio-fuels.
  • Strategize regarding specific environment-related issues such as carbon market offsets, rice field protocols, water usage, and more.
  • Advocate for issues such as farmland conservation and protection.
  • Navigate the regulatory complexities of garnering needed permits for technology such as methane digesters.


Approximately 30 million vehicles operate in California, producing an estimated 40% or more of total greenhouse gas emissions. This means that some of the most critical technologies will revolve around cleaner vehicle technologies, alternative fuels, lower-carbon fuels and related innovations.

Clean Tech Advocates Senior Advisors Jim Boyd and Linda Adams have especially deep expertise and experience in these areas and a keen understanding of how to work within the complexities of the system and align new technologies with public policy.

Ask us how we can work with you to access the $100 million per year set aside by the State of California to incent advanced transportation technology and workforce development.

*Alternative Fuels

Alternative fuels such as biofuels, low-carbon fuels and leveraging waste for fuels are an especially exciting category of advanced technology—and one that our team feels passionate about.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you to ensure that your technology meets the necessary requirements to be deemed clean technology and to qualify for certification as clean transportation.


If you are innovating energy efficient technology that reduces greenhouse gases, and feel that you could benefit from State funding, give us a call.

Our team can help you understand where to start, where your project fits and what to do next. We’ll work with you to navigate the complexities of State and Federal policies on energy and climate change, and access the funding, expertise and insight you need to make your dream a reality.