Collaborating for the greater good of California

Collaborators & Supporters of Clean Technology

*Attorneys and other Professionals

Clean Tech Advocates collaborates with environmental law attorneys and other trusted advisors who engage with technology firms. As specialists in California environmental legislation and technology policy, we can potentially help expand your client base and increase your practice as we:

  • Consult regarding critical issues.
  • Help you leverage more complex cases.
  • Advocate for legislation that may benefit your clients.
  • Assist with access to additional funding and complex regulatory agencies.

*Environmental Engineers

If you are an engineering firm identifying and/or solving environmental problems, especially in the area of wastewater, or at the nexus of water and energy, there’s potential for collaboration with Clean Tech Advocates. We can help:

  • Make the link between environmental clean up and access to State funding.
  • Consult regarding critical public policy issues.
  • Assist with navigating the complexities of regulatory agencies.

*Legislative Advocates & Consultants

We welcome the opportunity to partner with other legislative advocates and consultants to help serve their clients in our specialty areas of clean technology, climate change, energy, alternative fuels, water and agriculture.

If you or your clients want counsel regarding relevant statutes, regulations and public policy—or need some help with accessing funding or navigating the low carbon market, give us a call. We’re here to help.


*Technology & Business Alliances

Technology and business can create even more value together than they can apart. If you plan to bring technology and business together for the greater good of California’s environment and economy, consult with us first—it will save you time, money and preserve your opportunities.

From accessing State funding to public policy considerations to clearing regulatory hurdles, Clean Tech Advocates can help you better align your efforts with reality. There’s too much at stake to accept anything less.


* Public Private Partnerships

While opportunities abound for technology breakthroughs, the timing is right for clean technology. Public policy issues are typically high profile, but who will provide the funding? Public-Private Partnerships help mitigate the constraints of time and funding—and so does Clean Tech Advocates.

We stand ready to help you maximize your partnership and accelerate your transition from technology development to successful implementation. Give us a call today to find out how.