Collaborating for the greater good of California

Water Interests

As an organization with water-related interests in California, you have concerns about the oversight, management and protection of water resources throughout the state. You negotiate water rights. You monitor water quality and ensure that it is efficiently used. You want to comply with state regulations but don’t necessarily have the funding to develop the infrastructure you need . . . and chances are, you could use some help advocating before the legislature or navigating the bureaucracy of regulatory agencies.

Clean Tech Advocates offers deep expertise and wide-ranging experience in State water-related issues. We consult with water agencies, water districts, wastewater treatment facilities and sanitation agencies.

We can help you to:

  • Access funds via State grants and loan opportunities, as well as cap-and-trade related funding.
  • Consult regarding upgrades to infrastructure for the conveyance, clean-up and remediation of groundwater along with related compliance issues.
  • Advocate for legislation regarding water-related issues and water-related technology.
  • Navigate the complexities of working with the State Water Resources Control Board, Department of Water Resources, the Department of Public Health, and more.
  • Comply with state legal and regulatory issues regarding wastewater, groundwater, water recycling, water conservation, conveyance infrastructure, alternative storage and energy efficiency in moving water.